We’ve been praying and dialoging about what to do for tomorrow.  Most churches we know of are canceling services; some are doing online pre-recorded sermons.

Our plan for this Sunday

  • 4pm – No food, fellowship, and training for the time being.
  • 5pm – No physical meeting. Instead, we will be “meeting” virtually using “Google Meet” to take part in a national day of prayer. We will pray together, share and read Scripture as we pray (lots of praying!).
    • Here’s what you need to do to join the virtual meeting – we recommend that you join earlier at 4:55pm if you can, so we can iron out any tech issues. 
      • If you’re joining by computer (easiest option): Click on, and follow the prompts.
      • If you’re joining via your smartphone or tablet: Click on, and follow the prompts.  Note that you will be asked to download the Google Meet application, and log in using a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, here are some instructions for setting one up using your existing email address:
      • If you’re joining via phone (audio-only option): Call +1 929 260 4505. When prompted, enter the following PIN 139537334.

Why are we cancelling normal activities for now?
The gospel teaches us to think of others as more important than ourselves and to love thy neighbor as God has loved us.

We do have folks who have underlying health issues, both chronic and respiratory.  Some visit and take care of elderly parents.  Some (not Rick or Craig of course) are older, and closer to the “at risk” age – some professionals say 50, some say 60, some say 70 and above.

This also gives us some more time to determine if the spread is slowing down in our area.  It has only been about a week or two since the community has been calling for personal hygiene recommendations and social distancing.

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