Our Core Values

Beginning in 2005 our leaders have worked hard to form these values and help the church function in them. It has become our DNA.

  1. We affirm that the gospel is central to all of life.
  2. We dedicate ourselves to the grace virtue of Christ-like humility.
  3. We seek true Christian renewal and reformation (as opposed to external religious spirituality).
  4. We strive for true Christian acceptance of all people and reject religious, racial, economic, political and social sectarianism.
  5. We acknowledge our adoption into Christ-generated community.
  6. We commit ourselves to missional living.
  7. We are committed to bringing in social justice and mercy ministry.
  8. We are committed to training and education for the reformation and growth of family, church and society.
  9. We live in expectation that God, the Holy Spirit will move in our midst to accomplish His purposes.