Get Connected

As human beings created in the image of God, we are designed to be interconnected with one another. Relationships are the key to fulfilling God’s mercy of reconciling lost and broken people to Himself. As people come into a relationship with Jesus, they become more in tune with God, others and themselves. Once a person realizes that the church is not about what they can get but instead, what they can give through God’s grace, he or she becomes a powerful force used by God to take the responsibility for the care of others. The Bible explains that this takes place through the 45 or so “one anothers” (i.e. love one another, forgive one another, bear one another’s burdens, confess your sin to one another or confront one another and so on). Community Life is about using one’s gifts, abilities and resources to release the potential of others through God’s grace and love manifested in their hearts.

We build community for the purpose of fulfilling Christ’s mission. Strong community life is the mission of Christians to bring the powerful redeeming force of Jesus to their cultural context. Lives begin to change, marriages are strengthened, people find fulfillment in Jesus and not in things, reputations, occupations, money or treasures. Life on life interaction is powerful because people lose their self-centered tendency and find their joy in connecting their life to others so that the mission of Jesus can flourish, spread and grow. Being a part of Redeeming Grace Church is much more than simply attending on Saturday evenings—we encourage those who visit to connect with others through ministries and on an informal basis.