Our Story

Everyone and everything has a history, whether it is a personal history, the history of a business, the history of a nation, or even a religious history. Redeeming Grace Church’s history can be described as a rebirth or, as some describe, a replant.  Redeeming Grace Church formerly was Berean Bible Church. From this community, a core group of people was challenged to rediscover and then recommit to being a church that centers everything she does upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  From many years of wrestling, investigating the Bible, getting help from others, and prayer, Redeeming Grace Church was reborn in 2008.

That story continued as we joined Acts 29 church planting network in 2009. Church planting became imbedded into our DNA. Through this relationship our leaders began to be influenced by the Soma Family of Churches in Tacoma Washington. Its where we began to rediscover the apostolic church seen in the books of Acts: the church is a family of missionaries dedicated to serve the community in all ways possible as we learn to be more like Jesus. Our hunger is not just to talk “family” and “mission”: it is to actually live it. Therefore, we have a few sayings around RGC: we are not a church for ourselves, but for the community AND church is not simply a Sunday event but is about the other 6/22 (6 days and 22 hours). Also, the church is not a building, it’s the people living on mission 24/7.

In 2010, the leadership decided that it was best for the church to split into two sites sending 25 of our family members north to Pacifica as a way to better minister in our Bay Area communities. We also decided to send out some of our choice leaders and people to join like-minded churches in their neighborhoods. In July of 2010, a group of our North Bay families joined a small group of new members to form our first church plant located in Pacifica. We are one church that meets in multiple locations. The story continues…