Sunday Gatherings

The church body comes together each Sunday evening to eat together, get trained, worship Jesus, pray, hear the proclamation of His Word, celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and interact with one another. All are welcome at our gatherings. We encourage you to come as you are.

We start our Gatherings in the Mosaic room at 4pm with a meal and equipping time which runs until about 5PM.  Then the normal worship Gathering is from about 5:10-6:10pm.

If you are visiting we would love to have you join us at our meal time.   This is our training time for mission.  Or you can also come and join us at 5:10pm for our normal worship Gathering (ending about 6:10pm).

We meet for our normal worship Gathering in what we call the Big room, with a leisurely but transcendent atmosphere of singing, sharing life, giving testimony, praying and joining our lives around God’s Word.

Depending on need, we have nursery care for infants and children up to 2 years in age throughout the whole service, but some of our parents have their children in the main Gathering.  In our children’s lesson, we provide a safe and fun environment for kids to learn and explore Christianity for themselves. Teenagers remain in the service.

Again, you are invited to join us for the dinner/training part of our gathering or join us at 5:10pm for corporate worship.  So either way, make yourself at home and experience what the gospel creates: a family of followers of Jesus on mission.