How RGC Grows

RGC grows


RGC, Redeeming Grace Communities, like any family, has many parts and is constantly changing and growing up, out and all over.

Our primary way of being the church of Jesus, or his body, is as his community on mission. We like to put it this way: We are a family on mission sent by God to serve our world, continually learning how to walk in his ways.

So RGC is made up of Missional Communities that, as they grow, multiply into more and more gospel communities on mission. When a group of Missional Communities, that live in somewhat close proximity, begin to work together to uniquely express the gospel in their area or neighborhood, we call that an Expression. An Expression is led by the leaders from the MC’s that make up that Expression under the protection and authority, of local elders. These Expressions (made up of several Missional Communities) gather together at different times and in different ways for equipping, worship, training and to jointly serve in their area.

Currently RGC has two Expressions (gatherings) each week—one in Redwood City and one in Pacifica.

One other thing… everyone in RGC is encouraged to be part of a triad with two other believers in what we call a DNA Group. DNA stands for Discipleship, Nurture and Accountability. These DNA groups (3 guys or 3 gals) meet weekly to share what they are learning, care for one another and bring accountability into each other’s lives.

You can talk to one of the pastors or leaders to find out more about being in a MC or DNA group.

RGC grows 1

MC = Missional Community
Missional Communities are the primary way we experience what it means to be God’s family on God’s mission. We live out our identity in Christ together through rhythms of life that show the world what God is like.



RGC grows 2

E = Expression (Site)
Each RGC Expression is made up of several Missional Communities, led by elders and is uniquely shaped by mission to people who live in their area—they each express what it means to be the church a little differently.






RGC = Redeeming Grace Communities
RGC is one church made up of many Expressions (sites), which are made up of many Missional Communities. We are one big family rescued by God’s work (in and through Jesus) for God’s work (which he empowers us to do by his Spirit).



As disciples are made, missional communities multiply and new Expressions are formed on the Peninsula and in the Bay Area region.