Look Deeper

Thanks for checking out our site!!! Here’s a copy of what we give to our visitors at our Gatherings.

Welcome to Redeeming Grace Church (RGC)!!! We are glad you joined our family Gathering.
Whether you found us through our affiliate organization Acts 29 or online or through a recommendation we would love to describe to you what we are about.

What kind of church are you looking for? Our goal at RGC is to connect with the historic roots of the Christian faith centered on the gospel and the early church practice seen in the book of Acts.

Who are we?
RGC is part of a movement of churches, which currently meet in Redwood City and Pacifica and soon in Half Moon Bay. We are one church, which meet in different geographical areas called “Gatherings”. We want people to worship and do life in their specific zip codes and not travel more than 20 minutes to a church Gathering.

What we are?
We believe that the people of Jesus have 4 distinctives:

  • Family – we are deeply committed to one another in love as family members.
  • Missionaries – we represent Jesus both by our lives and words.
  • Servants – we have been blessed so that we bless others in our communities with our lives graciously giving of our time, talents and treasure.
  • Learners – we commit to learn more about Jesus and grow in His ways.

Our goal is not to put on a church event or weekly programs, but to challenge our people to be the church in their communities where they do life. Therefore, an important saying around RGC is: “we don’t go to church, we are the church”.

How RGC grows?
Although highly emphasized, the Sunday Gathering is not necessarily our main event in which to grow the church; rather our main event is in what we call Missional Communities. Our goal is to invite people who are investigating Christianity to one of our mid-week MC’s so that they belong (maybe even before they believe). The focus is for people to experience the Christian faith with others who are journeying life connected to Jesus. We encourage people to take part in our MC events and community projects called Sacred Space: Give Back programs (using our gifts, time, and treasure to bless others to make life more enjoyable). Another approach is to invite those interested in the Christian faith to what is called “the Story of God” (a 3-4 month event going through the Story of the Bible – discussing and dialoging through what the Bible presents to us about God and the world). As our MC’s grow they filter into our larger weekend Gatherings.

The focus of RGC is not to build a big congregation, but rather to build a people who are committed to making a difference in each other’s lives and their specific communities. The focus is smaller congregations who meet in their general geographical areas.
While we don’t dissuade transfer growth (people from other churches) our main desire is to see new people embrace the Christian faith. Therefore, we invite those who are looking for a church to join us on this mission; People who feel a direct call to be the “church” in their community.

If you are visiting from another church we hope you see the distinctiveness of our passion for Christ’s mission.

Reasons to join us at RGC:

    1. You want to take part in the mission of helping others and their journey of faith
    2. You want to grow and help us grow in the gospel
    3. You want to see and help people follow Jesus
    4. You want to help make RGC be what you like in other churches

If you find RGC not to be what you are looking for we would be happy to help you find a church that better suits your needs and preferences. Just ask us… (yes, we are OK with that).

If you have questions please dig deeper throughout our web site or contact us.